Our Work

After more than 70 years, Breiner has delivered millions of seals, gaskets and custom parts now in service all over the world. Most are cut and delivered on steady, consistent schedules in small-batch runs that best serve our partners’ budgets and production schedules. However, when inventory emergencies arise, that’s where our flexibility, speed and adaptability shine.

No matter what you need or when you need it, Breiner Non-Metallics is ready to respond. Take a look at some of the work we’re proud of, cut from hundreds of available materials:

Headstrap for medical, Medical Anesthesia head strap
Cork Teflon Mylar
Kapton - Electronic Shielding
Detroiter .015” thick
EPDM, 60 Durometer (pictured next to a Tic-Tac)
Sponge rubber
Aluminum w/PSA
Compressed Non Asbestos


Case Study: Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing

Inventory counts are slightly off and now the line is in a serious threat of being halted. This situation leads towards a whole host of negative consequences. Production falls behind on orders, customers schedules are upset with missed deliveries and now its one more thing added to that long problems-to-solve list.

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Is your next project a Breiner success story waiting to happen? If your inventory counts are off or you’re in a production pinch, we look forward to answering your call and being the supplier that saves the day. Call or connect with our experts to get started today.


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