Great customer service sounds like such a cliché. We hear it all the time. Everyone says they strive for it. Most think they provide it to their customers (whether those customers are internal or external). Great customer service, however, can mean different things depending on the customer’s point-of-view. Great customer service is personal. How does it make one’s life better?

So what is great customer service? On-time deliveries may be the number one priority for one company while low rejection rates may be more important to another. Some want constant communication while others may seek combined invoices for reduced paperwork.

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When you go out for dinner, what makes for great service? Is it being greeted by the manager who remembers your name or is it getting your complicated order perfect? Is it having the bill match exactly with what you ordered or is it simply the server not sticking his thumb in your drink? Great customer service is different to each person and it should exceed your expectations. But without knowing your expectations, how can those expectations be exceeded?

Recently, a customer shared with us that we are never discussed in their weekly production meetings. At first, we were a bit panicked and caught off guard. We thought we were doing everything right.

“Why don’t they talk about us?”

“What are we doing wrong?”

“How can we improve?”

2 mean in safety gear looking at computer

Great customer service will include being there for your customers.

When we asked why they don’t talk about us, they said it was because we were doing nothing wrong. No late deliveries. No quality rejections. No problems. They were thrilled that they never have to talk about us. They wish that all of their vendors did what we do. For this customer, it’s simple: they want a die cutter which will deliver when they say they will deliver, no rejections, and be competitive on price.

So how is this personal? They were able to sit in the production meetings without having to answer why they were the reason parts could not be assembled. From a personal level, we make buyer’s life easier.

At Breiner, we are tremendously flexible. We can offer 20 or 30 or 50 options that we think might allow us to exceed your expectations. But we’d rather get to know you. Get to know your company. Exceeding expectations is personal. How can we give you one less thing to worry about?

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