Have you ever looked at an item you are using and wonder how it is made? Chances are it, or at least a part of it, was created by non-metallic die cutting.

At Breiner Innovative, we think non-metallic die cutting is a pretty big deal. While it oftentimes goes unnoticed, the products it creates are relied on constantly by consumers around the world.

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What is Non-Metallic Die Cutting?

Die cutting first got its start in the footwear industry in the mid-19th century, letting shoemakers repeatedly cut pieces of leather to specific measurements for shoes. While the tools, technology and scale have changed since then, the basic premise of die cutting hasn’t.

The whole process isn’t too dissimilar from that of using a cookie cutter — thin pieces of sharpened steel are formed to a desired shape then pressed through material to cut the final product. Instead of cookie dough, we work with non-metallic materials like compressed non-asbestos, rubber, sponge rubber, silicone, cork, leather, Teflon®, Mylar®, Felt, Foam and more.

What Industries do We Serve?

Our standard and custom gaskets and seals are most commonly associated with the pipe, pump and tank industry, helping manufacturers maintain the integrity of their equipment and pipelines and preventing liquids and gasses from escaping.

But we also die cut parts for an array of products across a wide range of industries including:


  • Anesthesia mask harnesses
  • Heart catheter valves
  • Capsule-filling equipment wiper pads
A woman at preparing a die cutting machine.

Die cutting is a crucial for many manufacturing specialties.


  • Engine & transmission seals
  • Headlight & taillight seals
  • Interior soundproofing seals

Aerospace & Defense

Products used within:

  • Communication systems
  • Sonobuoys
  • Missile launching equipment

And that’s just a small sample of our portfolio, too. We’re constantly kept on our toes never knowing what we might need to make next, but that’s the way we like it! From concrete mixing equipment manufacturers to companies that make commercial lighting, air testing products, geothermal pumps and elevators, our clients (and their needs) are a diverse bunch.

How Can Breiner Innovative Help You with Non-Metallic Die Cutting?

Everything at Breiner Innovative is made to order, with no minimums and a quick turnaround — we’ll make what you need, when you need it. We can’t wait to solve our next challenge, so let us know your unique die cutting needs.

Contact us about your project or request a quote today.

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