Companies may require changes in inventory procedure or philosophy for many reasons. Reducing your inventory may be necessary to help you free up cash. Maybe you just flat out need more floor space?

Regardless of the reason, these changes can throw you for a loop and derail an organization. Unless, of course, you have a partner who understands and appreciates your specific needs and is willing to help you meet them.

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Many die cutters are in a perpetual cycle of trying to nab that grand slam, big-money order – the one that makes their whole year. They often get so focused on that big order that they lose track of the most important thing: what does the customer want?

Not Breiner Innovative. We don’t care about the size of the order. We just care about getting our customers exactly what they want and need.

The Situation

A long-time customer previously bought parts in the traditional way of large lot sizes of 1,000 or 2,500 at a time, giving them a 3-4-month supply. This kept their shelves stocked well so they could meet their customers’ demands.

This wasn’t a problem for us, as we successfully kept their inventory levels at a constant high. For die cutters, this is easy: one set-up, run a bunch of parts, ship one large box.

The Shake-up

However, internal demands soon changed after our customer was acquired by a much larger company with a different philosophy on inventory. The new owner’s philosophy required a massive reduction in inventory. The smaller inventory levels allow for more production floor space.

Our customer was now tasked with managing much smaller inventories while still being able to meet their customers’ demands of 1 to 3-day shipments. Now they needed a die cutter which would run smaller orders with more frequent shipments, on shorter lead times. Luckily, they already had one!

The Result

Many suppliers would have balked at the thought, but Breiner was happy to make the adjustment.

Now, we only run parts and supply them when needed and exactly however many they need – no more, no less. Our customer was thrilled to not only be able to meet their new directives of opening up floor space, but also help reduce their company’s inventory by thousands of dollars.

On a regular basis, we are talking to more and more customers and prospects who want to reduce their inventory volume.

Flexibility and understanding are the keys to a successful business relationship. If inventory reduction is on your mind (or was put on your task list), talk to us. At Breiner Innovative, we are here to support you the way you need to be supported!

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