Breiner Innovative’s roots lie here in Greater Indianapolis. The company was originally founded in 1946 and we’ve called our Avon offices and shop home since 1970. We’re proud of our history, now dating back more than 70 years, as an all-American organization — employing hard-working Hoosiers, using American-made materials making die-cut gaskets, seals and other custom parts relied on by American companies and consumers every day.

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Breiner customers continue to benefit from our expertise, family atmosphere, quality control, rapid turnarounds and commitment to each unique project. Our success comes, in part, from being a business unaffected by international trade developments or rising prices and substandard quality or poor service from overseas suppliers.

With an all-American Breiner, you can enjoy:

Avoiding trade war tariffs and skyrocketing supply costs

Our partners in industries including homebuilding, manufacturing and more are bearing the brunt of tariffs placed on hundreds of billions of dollars worth of Chinese imports, but they don’t need to worry about Breiner being affected and raising prices.

Tariffs have been placed on thousands of imported goods in the past year, including raw materials such as steel and aluminum, resulting in rising costs that are ultimately passed along to consumers.

All our parts, products and materials are made right here in America. Working with Breiner Innovative, you’ll never be surprised by any price hikes as a result of ongoing trade wars, confusing tariffs of other international influences.

Fast turnaround and shorter lead times

Just recently we had a company contact us in a pinch. They had been buying rubber washers overseas from China, leaving them with significant and unreliable lead times for critical components.

When their shipment never arrived, our team at Breiner was ready to respond right away and got the customer 2,000 parts in less than two days to avoid a halted production. We’ve designed efficient processes to maintain urgency with rapid turnarounds. Lead times of only a few days — or even just a few hours — would be impossible if we weren’t located right here in the Midwest.

We may have products at work around the world, and as far away as the International Space Station, but Breiner Innovative is proud of its American heritage and the benefits it brings to our business.

If you’re looking for an all-American partner you can depend on to provide quality die- or CNC-cut products at fair, low costs and unbeatable lead times, contact our team or request a quote today.

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