The miracle of flight is often taken for granted, but speedy, safe and efficient cross-country or international travel is only attainable as the result of thousands of individual components working together in harmony.

Even the largest and most technologically advanced mechanical systems and aircraft engines within the aerospace industry rely on tiny-yet-critical seals, gaskets and O-rings to do their jobs.

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The non-metallics at work keeping passengers safely in the skies include various natural and synthetic rubbers, compressed non-asbestos, silicone, cork and other similar, specialty polymers. From insulating electronic and preventing leaks to ensuring an air-tight seal around the cabin’s doors and windows, aerospace seals and gaskets have to perform in high-intensity, pressurized and extreme conditions every day.

Rubber grommets protect important wires and cables throughout aircraft, rubber seals absorb vibration and reduce noise in pressurized cabins, cork gaskets can be used as an oil seal in engine casings and rubber wing seals need to be both aerodynamic and able to withstand high speeds and cold temperatures.

No one type or style of seal and gasket will work across all aerospace installations, but at Breiner we have vast experience cutting all types of material into any shape and size.

When engineering products for aerospace applications, technical tolerances must be met exactly in order for seals, gaskets and other custom parts to meet high-demand safety regulations. Some seals need to be air-tight, while others must be fireproof, waterproof or resistant to oxygen, ozone and sunlight.

Our die- and CNC-cutting capabilities ensure repeated performance to those tight tolerances across all materials regardless of the order size or any custom-tailored needs. We’re proud of our work in the aerospace industry and we’ve had the privilege to not only create parts for commercial airliners, but also military and defense aircraft relied on by our nation’s heroes around the world.

We’ve even sent products way above the clouds, higher than cruising altitude and into Earth’s orbit! With parts already hard at work keeping the International Space Station sealed and insulated, our contributions to the aerospace industry could one day include both intercontinental and intergalactic travel!

Aerospace seals, gaskets and other custom parts cover a wide range of materials, specifications and high-demand tolerances — serving as a great microcosm of everything we’re able to do for all sorts of industries and needs at Breiner Innovative.

If you want to learn more about our capabilities or request a quote for your next project, reach out to our team today to get started.

Common types of gasket materials. This helpful infographic takes a look at the most common types of gasket materials. Download your infographic here.