Imagine you need a specific part for a machine you’re building, or you need a replacement part for a critical system. Happens to anyone who calls themselves an engineer, right? So, you contact and consult with a company to design the custom part you need. You’re about to make the purchase when the person on the other side of the line says you need to buy at least 100 units because of their order minimum. But you only need one part! “Why should I spend all the extra money on parts I don’t even need?” At Breiner, we agree. 

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What is an Order Minimum?

Order minimums are the smallest number of products the client is allowed to buy from a business at once or the lowest total price a customer can pay. For example, a business might require clients to buy 50 units of a product or buy $500 of goods. Manufacturers practice order minimums more frequently than retailers. By having their clients commit to buying in bulk, order minimums often allow the manufacturer to mass-produce efficiently and profit from the transaction. At Breiner we have the equipment and flexibility to produce even smaller orders more efficiently. Acquiring the amount you need when you need is key.

Order Minimums Inconvenience Customers!

If you intend to buy a small number of products, an order minimum forces you to purchase more than what you need—forcing you to spend money on items you didn’t even need. Either you have to pay extra or look for the same product from a different company. Also, if you buy from a company for the first time, you might not want to make a large purchase. Buying small allows you to see your satisfaction with the company before choosing to buy more from them. In short, order minimums make the buying process more difficult for you. 

Breiner Innovative: No Job’s Too Small

For decades, Breiner’s philosophy has been “why order more parts than you need”: if you need one part, we’ll make one part. Most manufacturers require order minimums, requiring their clients to order a certain number of parts, which prove to be an unnecessary additional expense for your company. 

For over 70 years, our skilled team has served multiple industries including medical, automotive, aerospace, maintenance, and manufacturers. Breiner has delivered millions of custom parts all over the world. Your Parts Our Passion is a time honored tradition, even if it’s just one part, Breiner Innovative is here to deliver. 

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