Our work within the automotive industry means parts from Breiner Innovative end up across the country while keeping countless Americans safe on the road.

It might surprise you how many seals, gaskets, insulators and other non-metallic die-cut parts live inside your automobile. With the automotive industry in a competitive and never-ending state of evolution, new products, features and technologies offer drivers better performance and aesthetics — and it all relies on die-cut parts doing their job behind the scenes.

Learn How Breiner Helped One of the Biggest Auto Manufacturers in the World

Under the Hood

Gaskets and seals are some of the most important pieces in the efficient performance and function of your car’s engine and transmission. With the engine producing high heat and vibrations, die-cut seals need to withstand these tough conditions to effectively keep engine components operating at peak efficiency.

On a freezing winter morning, enduring a cold start is a tough challenge for a motor and the seals doing their job keeping everything in place. These gaskets bridge the interfaces and surfaces between parts of the engine, keeping the internal pressures in check and preventing fluids from escaping from their intended areas.

Elsewhere in the engine, gaskets help lock parts in place to prevent rattling and vibrations, providing for a much quieter ride and reducing the wear and tear on the engine components.

Behind the Dash

With the advancement of high-tech digital displays, driver-assist systems and electronic controls, the electrical infrastructure behind your dashboard has grown much more complex and become an important part of your driving experience.

Gaskets and seals are used to keep out moisture and debris and insulate electrical components from one another, as well as protecting digital displays by dampening the effects of shock and vibration encountered in daily driving.

Gaskets in a crate, representing the parts Breiner Innovative delivers to customers.

Gaskets and other nonmetallic parts are critical to automotive manufacturing.

Throughout the Interior

All around you, inside your vehicle, are non-metallic die-cut gaskets and seals for protecting sensitive components from moisture, dust, debris and even light while keeping you sheltered from the outside elements.

Seals around windows and sunroofs, as well as throughout the car’s HVAC system, help keep you comfortable while dampening driving noise to keep your interior at a suitable volume.

Around the Exterior

Die-cut gaskets are called upon to seal rain, wind, dust and more out of your car’s headlight and taillight enclosures, keeping them at peak efficiency and keeping you safe driving at night.

As driver-assistance systems have become more integrated into modern vehicles, their exterior components — cameras, sensors, radar and more — require similarly advanced solutions for their protection.

Hit the Road with Breiner!

At Breiner Innovative, we know the importance of producing parts of the highest quality for the automotive industry. Our die- and CNC-cutting equipment ensures consistent, repeatable results for our products and we have the knowledge and experience to find just the right non-metallic materials for your needs.

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Common types of gasket materials. This helpful infographic takes a look at the most common types of gasket materials. Download your infographic here.