Nitrile / Buna-N

Nitrile butadiene (NBR) is a true titan in the world of elastomer-rubber materials. This powerhouse is the ultimate go-to for a wide range of industrial applications involving petroleum or oil. This material tackles hot oil challenges, which is great for pump seals in the fuel and automotive industries.

But NBR doesn’t stop there. Its resistance to oils and ability to handle low temperatures are just the beginning. This durable rubber also possesses excellent abrasion resistance, preventing wear and tear, water damage, and non-polar solvent shenanigans.

NBR offers a cost-effective alternative to other fluoroelastomers. It’s a true hero in the automotive industry, lending its strength to gaskets, seals, gloves (of the non-latex variety), hoses, O-rings, V belts, and cable jacketing.

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