It was Valentine’s Day, but one downtown Indy hotel wasn’t feeling the love.

At about 3 p.m. entering one of their busiest holiday weekends of the year — fully booked with more than 1,000 reservations — Breiner got the call. The building’s hot water heater was out, and a customer who uses us often for last-minute items needed a gasket for the repairs.

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They had to bring us the part that needed replaced, but in only a couple of hours we had them their one-of-a-kind gasket to keep the hotel’s hot water running and keep their guests happy.

For a non-metallic die cutting and CNC shop, that sounds like a pretty exciting day that kept us on our toes.

But by now it’s become just an everyday occurrence at Breiner Innovative.

There was the Muncie customer who needed to keep vocational trucks up and running to make three deliveries of their own. By creating the rubber isolators for hydraulic control systems they needed, we helped keep seasonal trucks on the road with working salt sprayers and similar attachments.

Then there was the industrial equipment manufacturer in Columbus, Ind. Developing supply chain globalization processes, parts got lost in the shuffle of switching suppliers. They called us at about 1 p.m. on a Thursday afternoon, thinking they had enough parts remaining just to get them through overnight and into the next day.

However, they called back about half an hour later asking if the parts could be delivered that same day. The company realized there weren’t enough parts to get them through third shift. We were able to manufacturer what they needed and have them delivered to their doorstep by 5 p.m. that day.

The timeline for them to get parts like that from Japan is about eight weeks. Breiner helped keep their production line moving in about five hours.

Every day, we never know what’s going to come through the front door or into our inboxes next. We love the variety of every unique project, and we’re always ready to meet your manufacturing needs at a moment’s notice.

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