When it comes making connections, growing with our current customers and repping the Breiner Innovative name, Sean Hartman is the man.

In his 3rd year as Breiner’s Sales and Marketing Manager, Sean is a busy guy in a company full of busy and hard-working folks. If you don’t catch him in the office on the phone, sending emails, in meetings or working with the marketing team, chances are he’s on the road!

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A great deal of Sean’s time is spent visiting customers, making sure everyone is happy and services are satisfactory, as well as meeting and cultivating relationships with potential customers.

Being on the road and shaking hands all day could be exhausting, but not for Sean.

“I’ve always been an out-going personality,” he said. “The truth is I’ve never had a job where I wasn’t in some kind of customer contact role. It’s really exciting to me being able to visit new places, hearing the stories of the businesses and people I meet along the way. By understanding who they are and where they come from, we can better discover how we can help them.”

Sean also enjoys to variety of on-the-road and in-the-office duties and says he gets a lot of satisfaction on seeing how everyone’s efforts in and out of the shop have shaped and improved Breiner and the lives of their customers since he came aboard.

Before coming to Breiner, Sean worked as a Sales Manager selling custom equipment for steel mills. He didn’t like the job or the culture and decided it was time for a change.

After some “good old fashion networking,” Sean was introduced to Breiner’s business coach, and soon after met with Joe and Jake Lucas. Immediately, Sean knew he’d found a fit.

“I could immediately see the vision Joe (who had just recently bought the company from his father) had in mind for the company,” Sean said. “It was fresh and new and the people here were laid back, but still the hardest workers I’ve seen.

“That’s one thing people may not realize: the people here are just as genuine as they sound. They are the same way with customers as they are in the shop. Hardworking and respectful. This is the most real place I’ve ever worked.”

Since joining Breiner, Sean has helped Joe’s vision grow to where it is today. Employing the latest tech and a total “customer first” approach to business, Sean says Breiner is capable of doing jobs they wouldn’t have been able to just 3 years ago.

In a way, technology has finally caught up to the ambitions of the Breiner team. As Sean sees it, the sky’s the limit with the company’s G.R.I.T. mentality and the technology they now have at their service.

As for Sean, although he is firmly set in Indiana he is a Buckeye by birth! Born and raised in Sandusky, Ohio, Sean says he spent many summers with his “babysitter,” Cedar Point. Oh, and when it comes to Ohio’s premier amusement park Cedar Point beats King’s Island – and it’s not even close.

Sean and his family moved to Indianapolis when he was 13 and he went on to graduate from Ben Davis High School. From there, he returned to the Buckeye state to study at Miami University (Ohio). Although studying secondary education, a bumpy summer job before his senior year steered him in the direction of sales and manufacturing. The rest is history.

Growing up with a brother born only 18 months apart from him and loving and supportive parents, sports were a big part of Sean’s life. Although he was skilled in many sports including cross country, baseball was his favorite and his passion. He has since gone on to coach baseball for his son, as well as coaching stints in lacrosse and hockey.

However, believe it or not, some of Sean’s most fond sports memories come when he was a cheerleader at Miami! After leaving the cross-country team because he hated the coach, he took his “ra ra” attitude and joined the cheerleading squad. With the help of Sean, Miami made it two appearances at Nationals… the only appearances for the school.

When he’s not playing or coaching, you can find Sean rooting for his favorite Ohio sports teams: The Ohio State Buckeyes, the Cleveland Indians and the Cleveland Browns.

Between coaching his 14-year-old son, Josh, and watching/supporting/cheering on his 16-year-old daughter, Payton, in all of her musical endeavors, he is constantly on the road in his free time, too.  Sean recently moved in with his girlfriend, Steph, who has four kids of her own (ages 14 to 21). Sufficient to say, the kids keep Sean and Steph on the go.

You’re probably pretty busy, too. How can Breiner help with your workload? Call or email Sean to find out!