When you are in the business of creating vital parts and pieces for the industries that Breiner Innovative services, precision is crucial. That’s where Kathy Cavasos comes in.

Kathy works in the cleaning department. Aside from cleaning out the slugs from different finished parts, Kathy is also largely in charge of quality assurance. The cleaning department gets last looks on all parts before they get prepared to ship.

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You could say it’s a pretty important job.

However, Kathy is multi-talented and has made her way around the shop floor. She started at the Breiner Company back in June of 1996. In her 20+ years, Kathy has gone from working the punch press, to the clicker before ending up in the cleaning department.

In her current position, Kathy says she has found her sweet spot.

“I love the cleaning department,” she said. “It is my favorite position I’ve worked here. It’s fast-paced and I get to be on my feet.”

She also worked for Maplehurst for 18 years before joining Breiner, so she was well prepared and used to the fast-paced factory setting.

Kathy has been very much involved in many of the changes happening to Breiner over the past few years. Lead by Joe Lucas, Kathy says the company is in a much better place and she feels a part of something great.

“With the new machinery, our focuses on being lean, being better organized and having better time management, I love the direction we are going,” she said.

On top of that, she says she feels that the already tight-knit family, made up with the folks at Breiner, has only grown stronger.

“The Lucas family has been so great to all of us for so long,” Kathy said. “They are extremely caring and understanding. You never feel like a number.”

One of Kathy’s favorite things about working at Breiner is the annual Christmas dinner. Kathy is, of course, in charge of her famous homemade baked beans! She also takes great pleasure in training any newbies that come through the door and loves meeting new people and showing them the ropes.

A lot of Kathy’s investment in Breiner comes from the fact that she’s a Danville gal. She grew up just down the road in Danville, graduating from Danville High School, and has family in Avon.

When she isn’t working, Kathy likes to stay busy. She enjoys the outdoors and hiking around city and state parks. She also loves to read and learn new things, especially anything tech related. She also loves going to church and rooting on the Broncos and Colts.

Kathy is also a well-traveled lady and particularly enjoys trips out to San Francisco to see family. Of course, she always makes time to go visit the Redwoods, the wharf or take a road trip to Lake Tahoe.

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