Erika Cain-Harper is one of Breiner’s press operators, punching out materials and products for clients. But, as she says, every day is a little bit different.

Like most of the folks at Breiner, Erika isn’t boxed into one singular job. As the need arises, she can also be found cleaning and prepping materials and generally filling whatever needs are required for the day.

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Erika started out at Breiner as a temp, but as soon as she started she said she knew Breiner was a place she wanted to stay.

“From the minute I walked through the door everyone was so welcoming and helpful,” she said. “Everyone here is like family and it is just a wonderful place to work.”

Erika, who didn’t have any previous experience in die-press before, said she has also come to grow a great liking and interest for not only the job but the materials and products as well.

“Having the chance to really learn and get hands-on with what Breiner does has been really interesting. The things we make have a great purpose and play big roles for the people we make them for. I’ve just tried to ask as many questions and understand as much as possible in my short time.”

Erika came on full time late in 2017.

Erika is a born and raised Hoosier, growing up in Indianapolis and graduating from Decatur High School. She is the proud mother of two children, a 23-year-old daughter and an 18-year-old son.

When she isn’t working, Erika enjoys spending time with family or spending time working outside in the yard, taking care of her plants and tending to the house.

Erika is just one of the many people at Breiner, working to do incredible things. Stop by, meet the folks behind the scenes and see how Breiner can help you.

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