Breiner Innovative isn’t just a place of work. It’s a place of learning and self-growth. When we bring new employees into our company, we encourage them and challenge them to continue to learn.

Take Eric Dawes, for example.

When Eric joined Breiner a little more than a year ago, he started in the shear department. But, after he proved to be capable with computers and showed an interest in learning and refining his skills in computer-aided design (CAD) Eric was given a new assignment.

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Now, Eric now works on internal computer operations, meaning he works on customer estimates, obtains quotes, orders material parts and inputs designs and programs parts for the Flashcutter, using CAD software.

In less than a year, Eric is self-taught in using CAD software required to program the Flashcutter. Despite now having a great aptitude for computers, Eric says it wasn’t always that way.

“I’m actually a very old-fashion person,” Eric said. “I still shave with a straight razor and I have the fashion sense of a lumberjack. I just took a new interest in computers and was able to do some back-end work at previous jobs I had.”

Eric, a Purdue graduate in Aviation, had a tough time finding a place he fit in and enjoyed working at after he left school. But, he now believes he has found a home at Breiner.

“I really like Breiner,” he said. “It’s the friendliest place I’ve ever worked at and I really enjoy what I do. I love programming the Flashcutter and I am good with people, which helps when I’m on the phone tracking parts and getting quotes.

“The management really takes care of people too. I’ve had to have a few knee surgeries this past year and they have been very accommodating and helpful while I’ve gotten back to health. I hope for a long career at Breiner”

Eric is a born and raised Hoosier, attending Tri-West High School and currently lives in Danville. He has two sisters, both of which attended Indiana University. You could say the Dawes house is divided.

When he isn’t working, Eric enjoys hiking, camping and generally spending time in the great outdoors.

And, of course, dressing like a lumberjack!

Eric is just one of the many incredible people working at Breiner and they all want to help you. If you have a unique project that requires a special touch in sponge, foam or rubber CNC or die cutting, contact Breiner Innovative today.

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