If you need something done at Breiner Innovative, Danielle Gossett is your gal.

Danielle works part-time at Breiner as an extra (and extremely useful) set of hands and experience in the shop, whether she is cleaning up, checking products, running the punch press or clicker.

A former dental assistant and sister-in-law to our own Jake Lucas, Danielle took some time off work to spend time taking care of her kids. Looking for an extra hand in the shop, Jake asked Danielle if she would be interested in doing a little work.

“After a couple months of helping out they asked if I would be interested in being a little more permanent,” Danielle said. “At that point, I became full-time part-time!”

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You may think that someone without much experience using the kinds of machines Breiner uses may have been a little intimidated to take on those responsibilities. Well, with Danielle, you would be right!

“I started out just cleaning and check parts, which is easy enough,” she said. “But when they told me they wanted to try me out on the press I was incredibly nervous!

“Teresa (Molen) and Carlos (Rigney) helped train me though and they were really great. They taught me to just be patient and how to get into my groove. Thanks to them I picked up the press and clicker quickly, and it turned out to be pretty easy and fun.”

Although in her second year at Breiner, Danielle still considers herself kind of “the newbie.” However, that is to be expected when most of your co-workers have been with the company for a quarter of a century or more.

Danielle doesn’t mind, believing it speaks volumes about the company and the people that work there.

“It’s kind of funny, Carlos, my boss, started here in 1984… the year I was born! Everyone here is so great and helpful and friendly.”

With three kids, an 11-year-old son, a three-year-old daughter and a three-month-old son, Danielle’s life outside of Breiner can be a little hectic. However, in her free time, she is heavily involved with her church’s Praise Team and Youth Group and is active in the church community.

On Friday nights during the fall, you will also be able to find Danielle a Tri-West High School football games. Her husband, a teacher at Tri-West, is a football coach for the Bruins. They have been married for 6 years.

Danielle herself is born and raised in Indiana and an alum of Tri-West as well.

Danielle is just one of the many people at Breiner, working to do incredible things. Stop by, meet the folks behind the scenes and see how Breiner can help you.

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