Ask Andrew Luer what he does for Breiner Innovative and he’ll answer it simply: lots of things!

“I do a little bit of everything,” Andrew said about his role. “It’s kind of hard to nail it down exactly. But, I’m known around here as Quality Lead.”

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As Quality Lead, Andrew is in charge of double-checking our work and making sure all the parts and pieces we send to our customers are done correctly and match their unique specifications.

But, Andrew also spends a lot of his time on the shop floor operating machines and helping out different departments wherever he can. Andrew is a “see a need, fill a need” kind of guy.

“Basically, I don’t have a typical day,” he said. “Every morning I check in with the foreman to see what needs to be done that day and we get it done.”

Not bad for a guy who started out at Breiner as a temp.

A Purdue graduate, Andrew left West Lafayette with aims of beginning a career as an electrical engineering tech, with goals of working in computer repair.

Andrew spent time right out of school at several positions at different companies, but never quite felt like he was in the right place – until he came to Breiner. And 15 years later, Andrew has found his calling at a company he can call home.

“Breiner is run like a good, family-oriented organization,” he said. “They go out of their way to accommodate their employees, treat us fairly and are open to change and new ideas. It’s a great atmosphere.”

In fact, it was Andrew’s innovative mind and Breiner’s openness that helped him solidify his position within the organization.

Andrew started out as a temp in the clicker department working on head straps. But, after figuring out a different method that could be used to double production, without compromising the product or increasing expenses.

They were impressed. So much so they offered him a full-time position.

Andrew is a Batesville native and returns often to spend time with his family. Outside of work, Andrew has several hobbies including a passion for board games.

There are plenty of other amazing people doing extraordinary things here at Breiner Innovative, and we would love for you to meet them all. If you have a special rubber, sponge rubber, silicone or foam-cutting project that requires a special touch, give Breiner a call!

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