It happens to every company at some point – you run out of parts. It’s either by an unexpected rush on orders or a supplier misses a due date. Inevitably, though, it will happen.  And your company may look to you to fix the problem.

Many suppliers have rigid, long lead times, minimum order quantities, or simply are not flexible enough to be able to handle your emergency. At Breiner Innovative, we swim upstream to that concept. Our systems are designed to not only meet the needs of our standard orders, but to seamlessly handle the quick turnaround when someone needs the help.

At Breiner, we have positioned ourselves to be able to react quickly for you.

Learn How Breiner Helped One of the Biggest Auto Manufacturers in the World

The Customer

A while back, we came in contact with an OEM manufacturer of fork trucks in central Indiana. They were looking to expand into die-cut parts their program of receiving weekly shipments via milkrun, specifically packaged for that week’s production only.  The plant wanted to reduce warehouse space and minimize the amount of cash tied up in inventory.  Additionally, it would allow them to reduce their lead times from 3-4 months to less than 30 days.

The ”Oh No,” Line Down Moment

Before shipping our first production part for this new program, our (not quite yet) customer called us in a jam. It was 4:30 on a Thursday afternoon because they had just discovered they would be shutting down their line on Friday. With an unexpected spike in production, they had run out of a part that was still 30 days out from their current supplier. Our new customer needed parts Friday morning to be able to keep their production line rolling.

A worker in a line down situation.

Keeping your inventory stocked with parts helps prevent line-down situations.

The “Oh? Yes!” Moment

They asked if it would be possible to have parts delivered the next day to bail them out.  It was a custom-shaped part that would have been impossible for us to produce just two years ago without making a die. Although we had never seen the part (let alone tooled up or produced it), we were happy to accept the challenge.

The Result

They sent us a PDF drawing of the part, we drew the part in CAD, and ran the parts on our Flashcutter. The parts were ready before 7:00 Thursday evening and delivered Friday morning; from emergency call to quote to order to finished parts in less than three hours. Best of all? No line down!!

Of the hundreds of employees at their facility, only a few knew our role in keeping the production line running on that fateful Friday last fall.  And, to be honest, it didn’t really matter who knew.  We felt great that a new customer trusted us enough, sticking his neck out to give us a shot, and we were able to help him solve a major issue.  He was the hero, we simply got him some parts.

What they needed, when they needed it.

How can we support you in your emergency? Call Breiner Innovative today.

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