Did you know that prototypes allow skilled manufacturers to quickly test different kinds of materials with every possible shape and size to see which one will deliver the best results? With CNC flash cutting it can deliver better prototypes with a rapid production rate.  

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What is CNC Flash Cutting?

CNC flash cutting is used when a project requires a dieless system, without the traditional steel ruled dies. Breiner Innovative uses a Computer Numerical Control Machine (CNC) to hold and cut precision material. It provides 

  • Customizable Options  
  • Faster Production Turnaround Times  
  • Tight Tolerance Manufacturing 
  • Reduces Material Waste 

CNC flash cutting can easily produce rapid prototypes from CAD drawings and your unique products in a matter of minutes producing high-quality products that exceed each industry’s standard. Flash cutting can be done for multiple industries including medical, pipe pump filtration, automotive, aerospace, maintenance repair, and equipment manufacturers.  

During the flash cutting process, a dieless oscillating knife will cut through flexible materials. CNC Flash cutting is more versatile, it can handle thicker materials, including solid rubber and many other non-metallic materials, and can perform a wide variety of cutting operations including depth cutting, engraving, plotting, and creasing. This machine cuts time and money for die creation while allowing for greater customization and tighter tolerances at a rapid production rate. 

CNC Flash Cutter at work

How CNC Flash Cutting Provides Better Prototypes

CNC manufacturing capabilities enable the company to produce 

  • Finest and highly accurate parts 
  • Full-functioning engineering prototypes piece parts 
  • Injections molds 

Fast turnarounds and high accuracy on CNC prototypes can be achieved with a wide variety of materials. Using various materials during the concept stage of your prototype will allow your design team to closely simulate the final product appearance but retain the freedom to make changes and adjustments as we go. Also, if there is a need to adjust any tolerance, it can be done without investing money in extra tooling.  

Prototyping is fast and cost-effective by using a variety of materials and using CNC flash cutting can produce that quality.

Breiner Innovative is Here to Help!

The flashing cutting system allows us to create prototypes with an array of custom designs that exceed industry and clients’ standards. Our team of experts starts from concept to research and development, to creating a prototype, and production until the final product fits your needs. We have the experience of helping point out any problem areas for future productions. 

We are committed to providing high-quality products, so if you are looking for a partner that is experienced and skilled with CNC flash cutting prototypes then contact Breiner Innovative today! 

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