Every standard seal, complex gasket and custom-cut part that comes off the Breiner Innovative shop floor is meticulously quality inspected and upheld to the tightest tolerances and strict standards, as if lives depended on them — because now, with COVID-19 dominating the headlines, they do.

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Breiner has a long history as a trusted supplier and reliable partner to the healthcare industry and medical equipment manufacturers. While not every Breiner product will be called upon to help save a life, we ensure they’re all up to the task.

As the coronavirus spread and the amount of COVID-19 cases climbed, it became clear one particular piece of healthcare equipment was going to play a crucial role in critical treatment and patient care: respiratory ventilators.

Hundreds of thousands of the high-tech, complex machines will be needed worldwide. American automakers and other manufacturers have already shifted their production lines to help meet the rising demand for the life-saving equipment.

We’re here to help fight COVID-19

As an essential business, Breiner Innovative has continued to operate under Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations minimizing risk to our staff and customers. We’re proud to do our small part in the global battle against this pandemic, supplying ventilator manufacturers with seals, O-rings, housing gaskets and more for critical behind-the-scenes support inside their devices.

The coronavirus’ ensuing economic shutdowns and limited international travel has thrown an unavoidable wrench into global supply chains and has contributed to shortages of raw materials in parts of the world. Many manufacturers relying on overseas suppliers will be stuck waiting for months before their orders arrive. Today’s patients don’t have time to wait.

Medical equipment, representing the need for medical equipment in the fight against COVID-19

When you need parts for your medical equipment, Breiner’s on your side!

Mechanical ventilators include an intricate series of valves, tubes, tanks and controls — and many connection points between them, all of which need to be assuredly sealed tight to deliver air with added oxygen into a patient’s lungs.Just as important is safely taking carbon dioxide out, filtering expired air securely so as not to aerosolize the virus into a hospital setting.

Providing the highest level of precision and quality

While specific shapes, sizes and applications vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, our seals and gaskets are available in dozens of FDA-approved materials that will effectively prevent airflow leakage and keep contaminants out.

Respiratory ventilators can deliver oxygen to patients in multiple ways. The most non-invasive uses a face mask as opposed to a tube down the throat. Keeping that mask in place is the job of another Breiner medical product: our soft rubber face mask harness.

A good seal between the patient and their ventilator mask is critically important to their treatment. With the square base of the harness positioned on the back of a patient’s head, the four tails extend to the front and snugly connect to the oxygen mask. A series of small holes cut along the length of the tails ensure the harnesses can be adjusted to fit any head size.

It’s our goal to do everything we can to fight back against this deadly virus and help the healthcare industry treat as many patients as possible. As a centrally located US supplier with tight turnarounds and rapid response built into our DNA, we’re always on call to help medical manufacturers in creating their life-saving products. For ventilator seals, mask harnesses and more, ready in just one day, call (317) 272-2521 to connect with the experts at Breiner today.

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