Case Study: Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing

The Scenario: Inventory counts are slightly off and now the line is in a serious threat of being halted. This situation leads to a whole host of negative consequences. Production falls behind on orders, customers schedules are upset with missed deliveries and now its one more thing added to that long problems-to-solve list.

This isn’t an ideal situation for anyone, but it happens. We’ve all been there.

Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing (TIEM)—a company manufacturing fork trucks in the Columbus, IN area—operates at incredible efficiency producing approximately 165 fork trucks per day. Nearly 85% of those trucks are have some level of customization. The coordination needed to satisfy the right sub-components getting to the right place at the time is a sight to see.

On a Thursday evening as a TIEM employee headed towards the door, a production manager brought the bad news. According to their now doubled-checked records, inventory counts for a key production part were off and they weren’t scheduled for restocking until late the next week.

They needed the parts, and they needed them fast.

The call was received at 4:30 pm at Breiner Innovative. This wayward part was completely new to us. 30 parts needed to be produced to advert the pending line-down situation. The parts would run out Friday at 10:00 am, bringing production to a shrieking halt. After a quick verification that the required raw material for the part was at Breiner, drawings were emailed, and work was started.

Of course—as is often the case in time-sensitive situations—the part was far from basic.

In previous years, a steel rule die would have been constructed adding to the turnaround time. With the addition of the CNC Flashcutter, this time is no longer an issue. An emailed PDF drawing of the part combined with the capabilities of the no-setup Flashcutter allowed 30 parts to be completed from phone call to parts ready to deliver all within three hours of the initial notification.

The Result: The parts were delivered to TIEM in Columbus at nine o’clock Friday morning.

We at Breiner Innovative are optimized to respond to emergent customer demands such as this. Providing this peace of mind did not require heroics on our end, it was a process we work to perfect every day. Our job is to keep your lines running smoothly and we take that seriously.

Breiner Innovative is an expert in the die cutting industry, and we work to guarantee that our products are efficient in whatever area they are needed. The next time inventory counts are off, let us help.

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