In our previous (and first) post, we mentioned that the new website was up and running.  We are excited about how it has turned out and would love to share it in a little more detail.  There are several non-metallic die cutters and gasket producers in the world.  Although we are a bit biased, we feel like our new website is like our customer service…right there at the top!

Learn How Breiner Helped One of the Biggest Auto Manufacturers in the World

As noted in the title, you can find us at  Our website is similar, in many respects, to a ton of websites you might find on the web.  And, with a cursory glance at the site, you may think it is well done, has nice colors, and has a conversational tone.  We hope everyone who visits thinks these things.  However, let’s dig a little deeper to see what is really there.


Our story is unique.  We have been in business for over 70 years, family owned for over 50 years, and now owned by a third generation.  And we are just beginning!!


We service a great variety of industries:  Medical, Automotive, Pipe/Pump/Filtration, Defense, Aerospace, OEM, MRO, and more.  While it may seem like we just make gaskets or custom rubber seals, we see our role much differently.  We know what we do has a much deeper meaning to it.


This turned out to be my favorite page of the site.  Many sites in our industry offer a materials page, but few allow you to sort and filter to find just the right material like ours does.  It can’t be explained.  It needs to be seen.


This page is a photo gallery.  It shows a few examples of parts we have produced and will be a work in progress as we move forward.  So far, we have examples of EPDM, Natural Rubber, Kapton®, Klinger™, Garlock™, and Vegetable Fiber parts from the Automotive, Electronics, Medical, Agricultural, and Piping industries.

We initially set out to design the site on our own.  After seemingly being busy for months on end, we decided to find someone to do the site for us.  While I am sure that there are many great website design companies out there, we worked with Roundpeg in Indianapolis.  The efforts made by the Roundpeg team were fantastic and I would highly recommend them.  Each time we had a new idea, they ran with it and stepped it up a notch from what we had even imagined.

In the end, we are excited about the website and the direction which we are heading as a company. Actually, in the end, this is just the beginning!!