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The biggest benefits of an all-American Breiner

Breiner Non-Metallics’ roots lie here in Greater Indianapolis. The company was originally founded in 1946 and we’ve called our Avon offices and shop home since 1970. We’re proud of our history, now dating back more than 70 years, as an all-American organization —...

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On the road with Breiner Non-Metallics

Our work within the automotive industry means parts from Breiner Non-Metallics end up across the country while keeping countless Americans safe on the road. It might surprise you how many seals, gaskets, insulators and other non-metallic die-cut parts live inside your...

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Case Study: Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing

Inventory counts are slightly off and now the line is in a serious threat of being halted. This situation leads towards a whole host of negative consequences. Production falls behind on orders, customers schedules are upset with missed deliveries and now its one more thing added to that long problems-to-solve list.

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The Power of Plastic: Eight Types and How They’re Used

When it comes to non-metals, there’s no more versatile material than plastic. You can’t go one day — maybe not even one hour — without relying on some sort of plastic product within your everyday life. Plastics are out there constantly improving our world — keeping us dry when it rains, protecting our food…

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