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Know Your Non-Metallics: Asbestos and Non-Asbestos

We work with hundreds of variants of available materials at Breiner Non-Metallics. While there’s no one perfect solution for every application, some materials are better all-around sealing solutions than others. From the late 19th century through all the way up to the...

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Popular seal styles and how they’re used

We cut and produce a vast, wide and ever-changing variety of seals and gaskets at Breiner Non-Metallics. The final functionality of these parts boils down to two important aspects: the material used, and the shape or style of seal the material is cut into. While the...

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How Breiner’s efficiencies benefit your production

At Breiner Non-Metallics, we work hard to deliver our partners high-quality seals, gaskets and custom parts they can count on. But we also try to work smarter, too. Our in-house systems and processes don’t just benefit ourselves out on the shop floor — the fruits of...

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A better life with Breiner: Non-metallics in medicine

All of our efforts at Breiner Non-Metallics are important, with products in use behind the scenes in key machinery across almost every imaginable industry. But our decades of work as a reliable partner to the medical industry and healthcare manufacturers has probably...

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