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Foam Rubber vs Sponge Rubber

For the products we often prepare for our customers at Breiner Non-Metallics, the materials we commonly work with are foam rubber and sponge rubber. Both are reliable and fill the needs of our customers. However, there are still some key differences. The...

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Compressed Non-Asbestos Gaskets

Apart from rubber, for many years asbestos was an equal parts effective and popular choice for use creating gaskets for a variety of applications. Asbestos’ fiber strength and properties made it resistant to severe temperature and chemical exposure....

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Rubber Materials Guide

Rubber materials are perhaps the most common materials we work with at Breiner. Many times, our customers know the part they need, but what kind of material it needs to be is not so obvious because of the wide variety of kinds of rubber. So, which kind do you choose?...

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Line Down Situation

It happens to every company at some point – you run out of parts. It’s either by an unexpected rush on orders or a supplier misses a due date. Inevitably, though, it will happen.  And your company may look to you to fix the problem. Many suppliers have rigid, long...

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