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Non-Metallic Gasket Materials That Beat the Heat

It’s the “dog days” of summer and we’ve got high temperatures on the brain. While we’re sweating from the season’s high heat, this is nothing compared to some of the extreme conditions our seals and gaskets endure daily. Many gasket applications involve extreme...

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Adapting and Adjusting to Daily Disruptions

Unusual disruptions have become a reality over the past few months. Our day-to-day routines have been distorted. Production and manufacturing have been interrupted. Workplaces have been rattled. Even your ability to get a haircut has been disrupted — and it’s...

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Essential Operations in the Fight Against COVID-19

Every standard seal, complex gasket and custom-cut part that comes off the Breiner Non-Metallics shop floor is meticulously quality inspected and upheld to the tightest tolerances and strict standards, as if lives depended on them — because now more than ever they do....

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Rubber Materials Guide

Rubber materials are perhaps the most common materials we work with at Breiner. Many times, our customers know the part they need, but what kind of material it needs to be is not so obvious because of the wide variety of kinds of rubber. So, which kind do you choose?...

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Need Something Same Day? Just Another Day at Breiner

It was Valentine’s Day, but one downtown Indy hotel wasn’t feeling the love. At about 3 p.m. entering one of their busiest holiday weekends of the year — fully booked with more than 1,000 reservations — Breiner got the call. The building’s hot water heater was out,...

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