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On the road with Breiner Non-Metallics

Our work within the automotive industry means parts from Breiner Non-Metallics end up across the country while keeping countless Americans safe on the road. It might surprise you how many seals, gaskets, insulators and other non-metallic die-cut parts live inside your...

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Case Study: Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing

Inventory counts are slightly off and now the line is in a serious threat of being halted. This situation leads towards a whole host of negative consequences. Production falls behind on orders, customers schedules are upset with missed deliveries and now its one more thing added to that long problems-to-solve list.

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Six Materials For Great Gaskets

At Breiner Non-Metallics, we make a lot of gaskets. Our parts make their way around the world, helping manufacturers, mechanical contractors and more maintain the integrity of their equipment. Many different non-metallic materials can be used in gasket manufacturing, with each presenting their own unique advantages and abilities under different circumstances.

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What is Non-Metallic Die Cutting?

Have you ever looked at an item you are using and wonder how it is made? Chances are it, or at least a part of it, was created by non-metallic die cutting. At Breiner Non-Metallics, we think non-metallic die cutting is a pretty big deal. While it oftentimes goes...

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