Rev up your automotive manufacturing game with Breiner Innovative as your trusted partner for gaskets, seals, and custom parts. In this fast-paced industry, attention to detail is what separates the roadrunners from the stragglers.

With our years of experience producing die-cut parts for Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive suppliers, we have fine-tuned our expertise to deliver quality and consistent service without any hidden costs or bills. Our cutting-edge technology and streamlined operations management ensure that your specifications are met with precision and satisfaction.

Choose Breiner Innovative to turbocharge your manufacturing process and stay ahead of the competition, knowing that your vehicles are built with top-notch gaskets, seals, and custom parts that drive excellence. Get on the fast track to success with Breiner Innovative.

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Whether you’re looking for a just-in-time supply chain partner, a prototype, or a one-time custom part supplier with no minimum order requirements, count on Breiner Innovative to help.