When it comes to common materials used in home construction, you’d probably be quick to mention the basics like wood, brick, concrete, stone and drywall. But it takes a collection of many more non-metallic materials working efficiently and effectively to make your house a livable, functioning home.

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Non-Metallic Materials At Work!

Plumbing Protection

Throughout your entire home’s plumbing, die-cut seals and gaskets in the connections between pipes, pumps and appliances keep water and gas where it should be. Various rubbers, compressed non-asbestos and cork all work to get the sealing job done anywhere a connection is made between pipes and their destinations in your home.

Calling All Corks

Cork is a versatile non-metallic material suitable for many applications spread across your house. It is lightweight, resilient, elastic, hypoallergenic, naturally fire retardant, renewable and a great thermal insulator. Cork materials are commonly used in ceilings, floors and walls offering both noise reduction and temperature insulation. As energy- and cost-efficiency have become more desirable, many times one can find cork used in floor tiles, countertops and other interior decorating applications.

The Future is Foam

Like cork, another non-metallic that’s seen an increased use across the construction industry is various forms of foam. Polyurethane and other foam elastomers are easily cut into countless shapes for interior design purposes while also offering impressive insulation and noise-reduction abilities inside roofs and walls.

Keep the Lights On

A vitally important aspect of your home is its electricity infrastructure, the equipment and components that deliver power from one point to another. Die-cut gaskets, often made from Kapton, sponge rubber and other electrical insulators, seal and protect to keep dirt, dust and other small particles from building up in components while at the same time keeping electricity where it is supposed to be.

Keep the Walls Up

The flooring, mechanical supports and key load-bearing structural points of your home also receive help in the form of anti-vibration gaskets and padding while nylon and other plastic polymers help protect any components with moving parts.

The Non-Metallic Materials You Need are at Breiner

There are more non-metallic materials, die-cut and otherwise, working hard across your home than you realize. Their performance probably goes unnoticed and underappreciated, but the difference they make in your daily life can’t be understated. If you’re a homebuilder in need of non-metallic materials, die-cut seals or custom CNC-cut gaskets for your next project, we want to hear from you. Reach out today and our experts at Breiner Innovative can find just the right materials and products to meet your application needs.

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