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About Us


Short lead times. Same day service. High quality. Great culture.

At Breiner Non-Metallics, we are both an old and new company.  Established in the 1940s, The Breiner Company made an early name for itself as a non-metallic die cutter, cutting sponge, foam, plastics and rubber materials.   In 1962, Bill Lucas Sr. bought the company, kicking off the era of Lucas ownership that continues today.  The pass to the second generation happened in 1983 to Bill Lucas Jr.  Bill Jr. guided the company through a long growth period and two building expansions just west of Indianapolis in Avon, Indiana.

In 2014, Joe Lucas, the third generation of the Lucas clan, assumed leadership and with his brother Jake Lucas, set forth on a new period of growth and development.  The two brothers ushered in new capabilities by adding cutting-edge CNC technology to complement the traditional die cutting.

Steady, Simple Technology

Non-metallic die cutting isn’t sexy. It’s old school technology – steady and simple. The steel rule die cutting concept has been used, in practice, since the mid-19th Century to speed up the production of leather shoes & boots. And not a whole lot has changed since then.

The parts we produce can be found everywhere. Some are in service on the Eiffel Tower while others can be found even higher up, at the International Space Station. Our parts help defend the country, assist in operating rooms, make farmers more productive and safely produce medicines. They support power plants and wastewater treatment facilities around the country. We produce Polyester Film parts with over 700 holes, Neoprene rings smaller than a Tic-Tac®, and seals for sump pumps that keep your basement dry. You might have no idea we are there, but our small, die cut parts can have a huge impact.

Decades of Trust, Renewed

The Breiner Company is now Breiner Non-Metallics. While ownership and our name has changed, we are still committed to providing the same attention to high quality cuts and on-time deliveries with great customer service.

We love making the lives of our customers and employees better and easier. Companies don’t stay in business for over 70 years if they aren’t doing something right. Employees don’t continue working for the same company for 30 years or more if they aren’t appreciated. And customers don’t talk about you if they don’t want to.

Forming relationships with our customers is one of the top priorities at Breiner Non-Metallics. Are you ready to start working with a company that puts your needs first? Contact us today to find out how we can change the way you manufacture goods!