Breiner Innovative

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For more than seven decades, Breiner Innovative has been a proven partner for die cutting and CNC services to manufacturers across industries.

From sonobuoys under the sea to the International Space Station high above in Earth’s orbit and millions of machines in-between, our products deliver critical behind-the-scenes support to equipment relied upon every day.

While our parts may be small, the importance of their performance couldn’t be bigger. For simple ring seals, complex gaskets and custom parts cut from hundreds of unique materials, Breiner brings a wealth of experience and unrivaled expertise into every project.

Whether it’s one, 100 or 1 million pieces, Breiner is built to be flexible for fast turnarounds and minimal lead times on last-minute orders. We’re also happy to produce steady shipments of made-to-order, small runs with no order minimums.

A History of High Quality

The Breiner Company was first established in 1946 and quickly made a name for itself as a respected non-metallic die cutter working with rubbers, plastics, foams, sponges and more.

While our name has changed and ownership has passed across generations, one thing has remained steadfastly consistent throughout our seven-decade history:

We’re committed to providing personal customer service of the highest quality.

High-Quality Seals, Gaskets & Custom Parts

Crafted with Care & Superior Customer Service

It’s more than what we do that makes Breiner such a reliable and trusted supply partner to so many—it’s HOW we do it

How do we do it?

Custom Computer Software

Self-built by Breiner’s own Joe Lucas, our in-house system organizes and shares info the way we need it to optimize our internal processes.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

The basics of die cutting haven’t changed much over the decades, but Breiner continues to update and enhance our capabilities for even more streamlined efficiency.

Our People

Breiner employees are continually empowered with ongoing training and education across every facet of our shop floor operations — with an average tenure of more than 20 years!

If you’re ready to work with a seal, gasket and custom part supplier that puts your needs first, creating exactly what you need when you need it, connect with Breiner Innovative today.