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Non-Metallic Die Cutting & CNC Manufacturing

For more than 70 years, products by Breiner Non-Metallics have delivered critical behind-the-scenes performance and support to equipment and machinery relied on every day. From simple rubber ring seals to complex gaskets and custom parts cut from hundreds of materials, our die cutting and CNC manufacturing experts can quickly deliver precise solutions to meet any project’s exact needs.

A History of High Quality

In many ways, Breiner Non-Metallics is both an old and new company. First established in 1946, The Breiner Company made an early name for itself as a respected non-metallic die cutter working with rubbers, plastics, foams, sponges and more. Bill Lucas Sr. purchased the company in 1962, with the family’s ownership continuing in its third generation to this day.

Bill Jr. took over the company in 1983, guiding Breiner through an extended growth period and two building expansions to our current headquarters in Avon, Ind., just west of Indianapolis.

In 2014, Joe Lucas became the family’s third generation to lead Breiner. Along with Jake Lucas, the brothers set forth on a new era of growth and development, ushering in advancements including state-of-the-art CNC technology to complement the traditional die cutting.

Simple, Steady, Dependable Technology

Non-metallic die cutting isn’t sexy or flashy. It’s old-school technology that’s been used since the mid-19th century, when it was first implemented to speed up production of leather boots and shoes. Not a lot has changed regarding die cutting’s basic principles since then, but its applications have expanded far and wide.

The non-metallic seals, gaskets and custom parts we produce can be found everywhere. While most commonly associated with pipes, plumbing and industrial applications, our products help defend the country, assist in operating rooms, protect electronics, make farmers more productive and so much more.

For manufacturers, mechanical contractors and others relying on tanks, pipes and pumps, our seals and gaskets maintain the integrity of their equipment and keep liquids, gasses or potentially dangerous chemicals from leaking in or out.

A reliable partner to the medical industry, we’ve cut parts for anesthesia and respirator masks harnesses, heart catheter check valves and LCD screen and housing gaskets in patient-monitoring equipment.

Engine and transmission gaskets are critical to automotive performance, while seals throughout your car’s interior and electronic components ensure a smooth, comfortable ride. We also send products high into the sky, sealing airplane cabins and components and helping achieve the miracle of flight for commercial airlines as well as military and defense aircraft.

Custom parts for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) applications keep us on our toes. We never know what needs might come through our front door next, but our rapid-response capabilities help our partners stay up and running.

From standard seals in your basement’s sump pump to custom parts in service on the Eiffel Tower, CERN particle accelerator and even the International Space Station, products by Breiner Non-Metallics make a huge impact.

Decades of Trust Renewed

The Breiner Company is now Breiner Non-Metallics. While our name has changed and ownership has passed from one generation to the next, we’re still wholly committed to providing high-quality products with no order minimums, on-time deliveries and superior customer service.

We love making the lives of both our customers and employees better and easier every day. Companies don’t remain in business for more than 70 years if they aren’t doing something right. Employees don’t stay with the same company for 10, 20 or more than 30 years if they don’t feel valued and appreciated. And customers don’t even discuss their seal and gasket supplier if they don’t need to, knowing they can rely on Breiner to consistently meet their exact needs.

If you’re ready to work with a seal, gasket and custom part supplier that puts your needs first, creating exactly what you need when you need it, connect with Breiner Non-Metallics today.