Since 1946, the Breiner name has been associated with top-of-the-line non-metallic die cutting and offering the solutions our customers need. We offer a long list of non-metallic solutions for every need. From nuclear submarines, to the International Space Station, to the Eiffel Tower, to Disney’s Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, to 1600°F ovens, Breiner’s parts can be found in magnificent and unexpected places, but our parts help keep planes in the air and help global manufacturers keep their production lines running. 

We’re committed to finding our customers the solutions they need. We take the time to learn exactly what the application and conditions the parts will be exposed to; then, armed with this information, we scour libraries, catalogs, and all other resources available to identify the exact material the job requires. We are engineers; we are innovators; we are Breiner Innovative. 

Our new branding highlights our continued commitment to our customers. We are committed to getting you the parts you need when you need them. Whether you need one part or thousands, we have proven processes and the expertise needed to deliver results. Your parts are our passion! If you’re looking for a non-metallic die cutter who’s as committed to your success as you are, please contact us! We hope you like our new look! 

Common types of gasket materials. This helpful infographic takes a look at the most common types of gasket materials. Download your infographic here.