All of our efforts at Breiner Innovative are important, with products in use behind the scenes in key machinery across almost every imaginable industry.

Learn How Breiner Helped One of the Biggest Auto Manufacturers in the World

But our decades of work as a reliable partner to the medical industry and healthcare manufacturers has probably had the biggest impact on the quality of life and well-being of patients and their loved ones across the country.

Because the use of healthcare facility equipment could mean the difference between life and death,the highest levels of quality and precision are essential for the components used in the machinery and tools doctors rely on every day.

Extreme precision can be difficult with non-metallic materials due to their natural give, but our die cutting and computer numerical control (CNC) cutting processes and equipment — combined with more than 70 years of experience — are some of the most accurate manufacturing means available.

Our die cutting is essential in both small-run and mass production of a variety of products for the medical industry ranging from standard seals to complex, custom components. It’s a fast, cost-efficient and easily repeated process that consistently meets strict tolerances and stringent quality control.

CNC cutting is even faster, as it doesn’t require a die to be designed and built before cutting can occur. The process brings distinct advantages to prototyping parts or creating unique components for medical equipment manufacturing.

Some of our most common materials for medical applications include a wide array of natural and synthetic rubbers, nitrile, silicone, foam and felt.

Where might you find our parts and products at work in a hospital or healthcare environment?
• LCD screen and housing gaskets, electrical insulators, seals and cushioning in patient monitoring equipment, thermometers and other electronic devices
• Anesthesia and respirator masks harnesses
• Heart catheter check valves
• IV pumps, dialysis equipment and other precise flow control devices

And that’s just a small sample of examples in how Breiner Innovative is helping medical manufactures, doctors and nurses across the country continue to bring expert levels of care to patients every day.

If you’re looking for superior, personalized service for cost-effective and high-quality solutions for healthcare equipment and medical solutions, contact our experts for a no-obligation quote today.

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