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Online, over the phone or in person, meet with our team to discuss your seal, gasket and custom parts inventory needs.


Already have blueprints? Great! Need our guidance? We’re happy to help. Whatever stage you’re in, we’ll work together to craft a custom-tailored solution.


Whether you need one, 100 or millions of parts, we’ll have them cut and created to the tightest tolerances and in line with your production demands.


It’s fast, dependable and deadline-proof. No more line stoppages, difficult customer conversations or disappointed production partners.

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Breiner Non-Metallics is here to help.

For more than 70 years and across three generations, Breiner Non-Metallics has established a reliable reputation as a versatile, quality-driven die cutter and CNC manufacturer. We’re proud to be the seal, gasket and custom part supplier our partners never have to worry about or rarely even discuss in their production meetings.

We work directly with engineers, purchasing supervisors, operations managers, production heads and other decision makers every day, providing personal service to ensure our promises and high standards are being upheld.

Let us show you what makes Breiner Non-Metallics unlike other seal, gasket and custom part suppliers.

Recent News

Know Your Non-Metallics: Nitrile Rubber

One of the most common materials requested in the world of elastomers is nitrile rubber.  Nitrile is prized for being very economical and exhibits superior resistance to oil, fuel and other petroleum-based fluids. Also known by names including NBR, Buna-N or acrylonitrile butadiene rubber, nitrile is a synthetic rubber, first patented in 1934. It’s gone […]

Non-Metallic Gasket Materials That Beat the Heat

It’s the “dog days” of summer and we’ve got high temperatures on the brain. While we’re sweating from the season’s high heat, this is nothing compared to some of the extreme conditions our seals and gaskets endure daily. Many gasket applications involve extreme environments, including electricity, flames, steam or combustible fluids creating temperatures that can […]

Adapting and Adjusting to Daily Disruptions

Unusual disruptions have become a reality over the past few months. Our day-to-day routines have been distorted. Production and manufacturing have been interrupted. Workplaces have been rattled. Even your ability to get a haircut has been disrupted — and it’s strangely all been one uniquely shared global experience. While about 99% of Breiner Non-Metallics parts […]

At Breiner Non-Metallics we love that every customer is different, every project unique. Variety is the spice of life. From the simplest ring to the most complicated gasket you can imagine, we stand ready to work with you to find that perfect solution to your manufacturing needs. Contact us to learn more!

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