Our Work

Material: Compressed Non-Asbestos, Vegetable Fiber, Red Rubber
Industry: Pipe, Pump, & Filtration, MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Operations), OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
Purpose: Gaskets for pipe flanges, heat exchangers, and a variety of uses with bolted connections.

Material: Detroiter .015” thick
Industry: Automotive
Purpose: Excellent general purpose seal for use up to 250°.  Tough and pliable.

Material: Kapton®
Industry: Electronics
Purpose: Electric shielding to protect circuits from electrical charges that could jump from one to the other.

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Material: Natural Rubber
Industry: Medical
Purpose: Adjustable anesthesia head straps to hold oxygen/anesthesia mask in place during medical procedures.

Material:  EPDM, 60 Durometer (pictured next to a Tic-Tac)
Industry:  Agriculture
Purpose: General, all-purpose ring seal.