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Lead Times That Work For You

When it comes to lead times, what’s more important to you? A quick vendor with inconsistent lead times or a vendor that delivers when they say they will deliver? Should you have to choose one over the other? At Breiner Non-metallics, we don’t think you should have to...

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Meet Erika Cain-Harper

Erika Cain-Harper is one of Breiner’s press operators, punching out materials and products for clients. But, as she says, every day is a little bit different. Like most of the folks at Breiner, Erika isn’t boxed into one singular job. As the need arises, she can also...

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Meet Danielle Gossett

If you need something done at Breiner Non-Metallics, Danielle Gossett is your gal. Danielle works part-time at Breiner as an extra (and extremely useful) set of hands and experience in the shop, whether she is cleaning up, checking products, running the punch press or...

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Just In Time Manufacturing

Just in Time Manufacturing, or JIT, is a manufacturing methodology that calls for the production of what a customer wants, when they want it, in the quantities requested, delivered to where they want. There are no parts made to a forecast (a guess!), no huge batches...

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Meet Melanee Grubbs: “The Hub”

If it’s happening at Breiner Non-Metallics, it’s going through Melanee Grubbs. As Breiner’s Executive Assistant and Inside Sales Person, she answers the office phones, checks orders as they progress, handles invoices, works with and follows up with customers. She’s...

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