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What Makes Great Customer Service?

What Makes Great Customer Service?

Great customer service sounds like such a cliché. We hear it all the time. Everyone says they strive for it. Most think they provide it to their customers (whether those customers are internal or external). Great customer service, however, can mean different things depending on the customer’s point-of-view. Great customer service is personal. How does it make one’s life better?

Who Are We?

At The Breiner Company, we are a non-metallic die cutting job shop. Unless you are familiar with this industry, you probably have no clear idea of what that means. So, you might wonder, what does that really mean? Let’s break it down:



In our previous (and first) post, we mentioned that the new website was up and running.  We are excited about how it has turned out and would love to share it in a little more detail.  There are several non-metallic die cutters and gasket producers in the world. ...
What A Year It Has Been

What A Year It Has Been

What a year it has been!!
Die cutting itself has been around since the late 19th century. Not too much has changed. The Breiner Company has been in business since the mid-1940s. So just how much could be different in just a year, you might ask?
State-of-the-art CNC Cutting Capabilities
New Traveling Head Press
Emphasis on Lean Manufacturing and 5S
Re-vamped Shop Scheduling System
Exterior of the Building Painted
Completely New Website
Name Rebranding from The Breiner Company to Breiner Non-Metallics